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10 Things You Never Knew About Nature's Most Annoying Creation

Posted by Allison Kelly on

Mosquito Say What?

Skedattle“I think mosquitoes are awesome,” said no one ever. These little buggers can ruin a backyard BBQ or a family trip to the woods faster than Uncle Tony bringing up the election. But how much do we really know about nature’s most hated insect? Check out 10 facts about the mosquito that you can use to impress your friends while you pass around your bottle of Skedattle, the best all-natural bug repellent on the market.

1. Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

2. "Mosquito" is Spanish for "Little Fly"

3. Mosquitoes Don't Have Teeth

4. They Spend Their First 10 Days in Water

5. Dark Clothing Attracts Them

6. Mosquitoes Generally Stay Below 25 Feet

7. Females Can Lay Up To 300 Eggs at a Time

8. A Mosquito Lifespan is Less Than Two Months

9. There Are More Than 3,500 Species of Mosquitoes

10. Mosquitoes HATE Citronella Oil, the Primary Active Ingredient in Skedattle

    Now That You Know A Little More, It's Time To Make Them Leave

    Keep those bugs at bay with Skedattle, an all-natural, biodegradable, DEET-free bug repellent. This sweet-smelling spray lets you enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the health of you or your family. With more than twice the active ingredients of the other leading brands, Skedattle is the perfect addition to any summer BBQ, a family camping trip, or even just a glass of wine on the porch.

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