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5 Things You Should Know About the Zika Virus

Posted by Allison Kelly on

Zika Virus MosquitoThe Zika virus has flu-like symptoms and is transmitted around the world by mosquito bites. Last year there was a major outbreak, and it has continued spreading to this day. The virus can cause a variety of birth defects. For this reason, pregnant women or men who have a pregnant partner should talk to a health care provider before travelling to somewhere the virus has spread to. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly puts out travel alerts about where to avoid. Doctors recommend taking steps to prevent bug bites as the virus is spread through mosquitoes and other insects. To learn more about this problem and stay safe yourself, here are five interesting facts we found about the Zika virus.

1. The Zika Virus is Spread Primarily Through Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes have been spreading diseases forever. Malaria, dengue, and yellow fever have made the mosquito the most deadly animal in the world. The Zika virus is in this group as well. If an infected mosquito bites you, you can catch the virus. Also, if you have the virus and another mosquito bites you, it passes the virus along to them and continues the chain.

2. Unborn Babies Are at the Most Risk

Possible the scariest part of the Zika virus is the effects on unborn children. It causes birth defects and the terrible condition of microcephaly. Microcephaly can delay the child's growth, speech, and movement as well as mental retardation. 

3. A Vaccine May be on the Way

Because of the massive outbreak, researchers have accelerated the pursuit of a Zika vaccine. The FDA has already given permission to companies to test experimental vaccines.

4. Zika is in the US

US travelers have been bringing the disease back with them. Florida has gotten 180 reports of Zika being locally transmitted. Much of the southern United States would be potential hot zones for a major outbreak.

5. Using Insect Repellent is Key to Stopping Zika

Any time you are going outside in a location that currently has a Zika outbreak, be sure to wear your bug spray. It's the best way to avoid mosquito bites, and therefore Zika. Dawn and dusk are the times when they are the most active.

It's best to bring along an all natural repellent like Skedattle, because it has the same great protection that DEET provides without all of the chemicals and side effects. It's a sweet-smelling alternative to the harsher chemical repellents.

Not travelling or living somewhere with the threat of Zika but still looking for excellent bug protection? You can still try all-natural Skedattle! It's kid and pet safe and keeps bugs at bay.

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