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About Mexitan


Makers of Tropical Sands®, Mexitan®, Skedattle®, and Coral Safe™ products, including our top-rated SPF biodegradable sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection!

Mexitan® got its start from the original founder, Avonelle Edwards of Southwest Florida. She used baby oil as a suntan oil. Being a health-conscious individual, she became aware of the need for sunscreens and would always read the product labels. She didn't like what she saw. It felt like choosing the "lesser evil". Did she want damage from the sun or from the chemicals? Now she was on a mission to come up with a sunscreen that didn't contain any potentially dangerous chemicals.

While vacationing in 1976, Avonelle discovered a wondrous homemade suntan oil being sold to tourists by the local natives on the beach of Acapulco, Mexico. She loved how she tanned darker than ever before, but never sunburned. Within a few days her skin was moist and glowing with the most beautiful golden tan she had ever had. Avonelle took the suntan oil home to Florida in an old mason jar. With the oil almost gone and no way to get more, she began analyzing it. After six months of testing, she came up with a suntan oil that was chemical free. She made it in her kitchen for her own use and to give to friends and family members.

When she became a widow, Avonelle found herself with nothing to do and asked her son for advice. He said, "Mom, why don't you put your incredible suntan oil on the market? Everything out there is full of chemicals. It's time for an all natural suntan oil." She listened and so the Mexitan business was born. Mexitan® suntan oil went on the market in 1996 in Naples, Florida to a "sold out" crowd. Everyone loved it and back orders piled up. Since then Mexitan® has continued to be in high demand throughout Southwest Florida.

Realizing that consumers everywhere are in need of Mexitan's products, but not desiring to grow the business herself, in 2004 Avonelle sold the product line to Ron and Sandra, the owners of Mexitan Products, Inc. She continues to be an enthusiastic supporter for the growing Mexitan® business. In addition to these all natural products being a healthy alternative, they are also biodegradable, reef-friendly, and safe for the environment! Eventually the product line has expanded, including the first 100% natural sunscreens without any harsh chemicals (now available in SPF 30 and 50).

Mexitan's unique all-natural products, including Skedattle® deet-free mosquito repellent and Tropical Sands® branded sun care items, have a growing appeal to health-conscious families who realize the possible dangers of using traditional personal-care items that are loaded with chemicals.